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The Digital, Affects and Space (DigitAS)

Funded by: Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)
Principal Investigators: Tabea Bork-Hüffer, Katja Kaufmann, Niklas Gudowsky, Martin Rutzinger
Project Period: 2019–2022

DigitAS will develop, test, triangulate and compare digital, bio-sensing and qualitative methodologies for researching the effects of humans’ engagement with the digital sphere on their subconscious affective and conscious emotional experiences of space. It seeks to advance methodological avenues for researching the effects of an increasing interlacing and interdependence of online and offline spaces in augmented reality settings. It brings together four young researchers focusing on method innovation from different disciplines and perspectives to enhance methods development in the Digital Humanities context. With the selection of test sites comprising highly debated public places in Austria as research settings, DigitAS will gain insights into the production of place through the increasingly interwoven digital and offline spheres in the context of Austrian urban areas. Expected outcomes beyond the period of the project are the establishment of DigitAS Lab as emotions sensing and mapping infrastructure for consecutive projects, research, education and collaboration in Digital Humanities and beyond. Furthermore, the development of a data repository, best practices guidelines (including data privacy issues and anonymization) and a metadata concept are envisaged. Among others through a scenario workshop, DigitAS aims at co-creating knowledge on possible and desirable futures for development, application and governance of augmented reality technologies.

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