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We do research at the intersections of digitisation, mobilities & urbanisation

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Podcast series on „Healthy (digital) places?” by UIBK Geography Students

In a four parts podcast series, the UIBK Geography Master students’ reflect upon the relations of digital media, sports/leisure and wellbeing. Outcome of 1,5 years wonderful student-teacher collaboration and interdisciplinary co-teaching by Simon Liegl (psychology), Katja Kaufmann (communication studies) & Tabea Bork-Hüffer (geography).



Nowhere Citizens? Uncertainty and Anxiety of Return Migrants in India

 by Sumeetha Mokkil Maruthur

Indian Migrant Worker
Covid 19 in India


Border Crossers and the Militarization of China’s Border in Times of COVID-19

by Franziska Plümmer


Who pays for the pandemic …. and the climate crisis?

Interviewed by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) on the costs of the pandemic, Tabea Bork-Hüffer argues that we must not forget our other great challenges and not only financial but also social and health costs arising particularly from the climate crisis. Acting now is necessary to prevent future generations from facing untenable costs. Check the article (in German) here: Wer die Schulden der Pandemie bezahlt –  

research talk Anjana Ramkumar

What Do We Do?

Digitisation, human mobilities, and urbanisation are major drivers altering spaces and societies from local to global scales. The Transient Spaces & Societies Research Group takes a critical perspective on these cross-sectional themes and scrutinises how social practices and power relations shape them.

We are an interdisciplinary research team based at the Department of Geography at the University of Innsbruck.

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Digital sidewalks: using urban theory to understand technology use among migrants in Bogota

Sinop: The city that popped-up in the middle of nowhere

By Veit Badde

Blog: Transient Spaces Blog

Young adults weathering the COVID-19 pandemic: They are not a ‘lost generation’!


“In call several times per day”. How new communication tools shape the connectedness of people on the move


"The only thing that is constant is change"

→  Heraclitus, 500 B.C.

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