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research talk Anjana Ramkumar

Research Talk

Going against the Grain: Local Knowledge and Alternative Development in Tamil Nadu, India

» 17 November 2020,  12:00pm (CET/UTC+2)

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research talk on digitization, migration and urbanization

Research Talk

Digital Sojourners: How technological change is shaping life for urban migrants and the cities they settle in

» 24 November 2020,  12:00pm (CET/UTC+2)

previous events / calls

Covid19 Symposium

Virtual Workshop

Nature, Health and Digital: Transcending Borders of Exclusion Through Immersive Solutions

» 28 September 2020,  9:00 – 12:00 am UK time (UTC+1)

Covid19 Symposium

CfP | Session at RGS-IBG

Nature, Health and Digital: Transcending Borders of Exclusion into Nature Through Innovation in Digital and Immersive Solutions

» [postponed due to Covid-19]

Covid19 Symposium

Online Symposium

COVID-19 als Zäsur? Geographische Perspektiven auf Räume, Gesellschaften und Technologien in der Pandemie.

» 6-8 July 2020, 12.30 – 2pm

Covid19 Symposium

Interdisciplinary Symposium

DigtAS Symposium on Mixed Realities 

» 17 May 2019, all day

Speculative Urbanisation at Iskandar Malaysia

Online Lecture

The (Trans)Urban Migration Industry: ‘Migration Products’ and Speculative Urbanisation at Iskandar Malaysia

» 23 June 2020 at 12pm

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