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Transforming periurban futures. Water-based livelihoods in the urban fringe area of Pune.


By Sarah Luft (University of Cologne) and Carsten Butsch (University of Cologne, University of Bonn) | With ongoing urban extensions and population growth in Indian cities, periurban areas gain importance. These spaces are assigned diverse functions, including food and water supply, providing livelihoods, and ecosystem services, while repositioning along the urban-rural continuum. Periurban areas are […]

Peri-urbanization in the global south – thinking beyond universalizing concepts


By Alexander Follmann (University of Cologne) | The term peri-urbanization has been widely used to describe a range of different processes that transform rural areas to a mix of rural and urban spaces. It is empirically clear that the urban periphery of the global south hosts the most dynamic processes of urbanization in the contemporary […]

Transient Spaces and Societies